First AQUAEXCEL2020 Brokerage Event at Aquaculture Europe

19 Oct 2017

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

This first AQUAEXCEL2020 industry brokerage event will be hosted as part of the AE2017 EATiP Industry Day by EATiP and AquaTT.

The overall objective of this brokerage event is to create a forum for engagement and exchange between researchers and potential beneficiaries of the research results generated from AQUAEXCEL2020 and its precursor, the AQUAEXCEL project.
Specifically, the brokerage event is expected to: i) assure effective and constructive contact between aquaculture researchers and industry stakeholders, through dialogue and two-way exchange; ii) present OUTPUTS from (research) activities conducted as part of the AQUAEXCEL(2020) legacy – from core project research (both Joint Research Activities (JRA) and Networking Activities (NA)) and TNA projects; iii) discuss exploitation potential of presented OUTPUTS; and iv) invite industry to provide guidance on European aquaculture industry needs and anticipated impacts.


programme 1st sessionprogramme 2nd session


You are invited to register in advance by emailing with your name and
contact details, but participants are also welcome to join on the day.

Come by and say hello at the AquaTT (no. 88/89) or EATiP (no. 67) booths at Aquaculture Europe 2017.


To download the AQUAEXCEL2020 Brokerage Event Flyer, please click here.

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