AQUAEXCEL2020 Training Courses

Image of training leaflet

AQUAEXCEL2020 training courses aim to educate a new generation of aquaculture researchers and industry stakeholders to use their new knowledge, skills and tools in order to advance an innovative and sustainable aquaculture sector.

All AQUAEXCEL2020 training courses are multi-partner collaborations creating innovative modules that promote and enable peer-to-peer networking. The participative training design ensures exchange and mutual learning between instructors and participants from both academia and industry, and the access to research infrastructures adds particular value to the training.

The training courses transfer new knowledge and insights originating from the research and services carried out and created by AQUAEXCEL2020, and build upon the outputs, tools and achievements of its predecessor, the FP7-funded AQUAEXCEL project.

In total, nine state-of-the-art unique training courses will be offered between April 2016 and November 2019. Six training courses will be organised as face-to-face events and three as online distance learning courses. Course registration and attendance is free of charge but participants are expected to cover their own travel and subsistence costs. All courses are open to anyone interested in the subjects offered in the different courses.

An overview of all Training Courses offered through AQUAEXCEL2020 can be downloaded here.