TNA Overview

A major feature of AQUAEXCEL2020 is its TNA program, allowing external teams to access the partners’ facilities via submission of research proposals, which are funded based on the evaluation by an independent selection panel. Access is offered to 39 unique research infrastructures of the participating institutes, with experimental costs, travel and subsistence covered by AQUAEXCEL2020. The available facilities cover the entire range of production systems, environments, scales, fish species and fields of expertise. Access is available to EU and Associated States’ research teams, industry, and small and medium-sized enterprizes (SMEs), based on the scientific excellence of proposals and relevance to the aquaculture sector. Access is also available to third countries (countries outside the EU) on a limited basis (up to 20%).

39 Research Infrastructures covering different species, water environments, fields of expertise, aquaculture systems, facility scales

The final AQUAEXCEL2020 Call for Access has now closed. To find out about some of the TNA projects that took place please visit: and to learn about some of the outputs of the TNA and AQUAEXCEL2020projects please visit: